Thattathin Marayathu (U)
06/Jul/2012 Love, Drama 2 Hrs 7 Mins

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Thattathin Marayathu
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Brilliant show

Debutante Isha Talwar looks beautiful, but she is mainly shown through her beau?s eyes. Watch out for a brilliant show by Aju Varghese as the hero?s confidant. The rest of the cast has also come up with a nice show.A feel good romantic film hasn?t been one of the favourite genres in Malayalam for pr...(more)

Source: Editorial board,


Repeatedly watchable one for the youngsters

The teenage love story targeted to appeal to the 15-22 aged youngsters who really hadn't watched any good ones in the recent years, the Thalassery slang and sincerity of placements and original locales, and of course the fine dialogues are the things that will make this movie a repeatedly watchable ...(more)

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Highly laughable sense of humour

Vineeth has crafted his dialogues with a highly laughable sense of humour. Jomon T John has deliberately given a slight shakiness to his frames which at times attain a beautiful grace. Shan Rahman's melodies linger in the mind and Vineeth has visualised them with appeal.(more)

Source: Ashwin J Kumar, Times Of India