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Average movie

The idea here is that the disturbingly hypocritical nature of the society continues to remain the same even now and it was all there right from those times when the country was ruled by foreigners. The times may have changed but not the basic attitudes. But such genuine thoughts become ineffective o...(more)

Source: Editorial board, Sify.com


Only for the lovers of unconventional movies and plots

With a theme that most of the viewers may find irrelevant now a days and with a listless pace in the later half, �Njan� can be prescribed only for the lovers of unconventional movies and plots. Definitely a multi-layered film, it may be more savoured by those who likes to peel off layers to look int...(more)

Source: Editorial board, IndiaGlitz.com


Courageous effort

Njan is not a completely satisfying film, but it is a courageous effort(more)

Source: Paresh C Palicha , Rediff.com


More sombre structure to tell a story

Dulquer had put all his heart in the film. He carries off an upright gait being a vibrant reformist and carefully drifts into that aimless shamble during his periods of depravity. Muthumani loudly lays her claim to her character, portraying the aunt of Kottoor, with a restraint that is moving and so...(more)

Source: Ashwin J Kumar, Times Of India


Watch it for some prodigious performances

"Njan" is definitely not a typical filmy entertainer with lots of twist, turns or gripping moments but is a reflection of an individual's culture, attitudes, emotions, values, ethics, genetics, perceptions and social space.(more)

Source: Nicy V.P, IBtimes.com