Pandaga Chesko (U)
29/May/2015 Family, Drama 162minutes

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Pandaga Chesko
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Routine Comedy Entertainer

Pandaga Chesko will only give Ram a slight breather in his career. His energetic performance, glamour quotient and decent comedy are basic assets. This film is a clear mixture of all the hit flicks that you have seen in the past and does not excite you in terms of story or narration. Keeping the hol...(more)

Source: 123telugu Team,


Commercial Template

Pandaga Chesko is a film with good interval twist and some laughs here and there. Plus points of the movie are performance by Ram and family orientation. But, story and scenes in the movie lack freshness. This movie has commercial entertainment and family emotions. Success of this movie depends on h...(more)

Source: Jeevi, Idlebrain


Dull & Repetitive

The first half of Pandaga Chesko has some moments that tickle the funny bone and keeps you entertained but post intermission the film derails and the mode sporadically switches back and forth from comedy to inspired drama. The sequences leading to the climax is overtly dragged, especially when the r...(more)

Source: Common Man,

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1 “"Life Is Beautiful" ” Chandrabose Deepak,Rude,AK Listen
2 “"Dorikaade Dorikaade"” Bhaskara Bhatla Megha Listen
3 “"Ye Pilla Pilla" ” Bhaskara Bhatla S. Thaman Listen
4 “"Chuda Sakagunnave" ” Bhaskara Bhatla Mansi,S. Thaman Listen
5 “"Pandaga Chesko" ” Bhaskara Bhatla Seema,Geetha Madhuri,Anjana Listen
6 “All Songs” Listen