Bahubali (U/A)
10/Jul/2015 Adventure, Drama


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Baahubali Movie Review

The good king-bad king construct is very, very old hat indeed, but the manner in which it is cast by director and co-writer Rajamouli ensures that the tale has the muscle to run the distance. (more)

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Baahubali: The Beginning Movie Review

Touted as one of the most expensive films to be made in India, this highly anticipated part one of the two-part period epic, manages to enthrall you with its sheer scale and grandeur. Painstakingly made, paying acute attention to detail for the minutest of sound and visuals, Rajamouli (Eega, Magadheera) , who spent three years making this ambitious film ensures that the larger-than-life execution matches his grandiose vision.(more)

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A little more, a little less

Baahubali is several notches higher than a regular Telugu film. But it was meant to be a game changer, not a regular film. If a spellbinding saga is what you go looking for, some portions can leave you underwhelmed. The writing could have been better. Yet, there's so much to root for.(more)



This SS Rajamouli film is all sound, spectacle

Baahubali, despite its epic dimensions -- with a tendency to copy larger-than-life Hollywood heroic tales like Ben-Hur and Troy -- fails at some level to draw us into the narrative. Even one of the first scenes of a huge statue being erected with the help of slaves works in a very limited way to capture audience attention or set the mood for images of flying swords and falling boulders. (more)

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Bahubali is mega, ingenious and envelope pushing!

The first part of the epic leaves behind dollops of rip-roaring entertainment to relish till it�s back to finish what it started in perhaps even more jaw-dropping manner. Rajamouli incites such confidence.(more)

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Visual Spectacle With Weak Climax

The effort, the hard work, the dedication he has poured into this dream project is evident from the beginning of the movie. The scale, the canvas is huge. His execution is on international standards. He chose a weak folklore story to tell in gigantic manner rich with visuals. Prabhas in Sivudu�s role wants to climb up the mountain and mammoth waterfall to know what lies behind it. That sequence (Dheevara song) is shot in a visually alluring manner. Great CGI work! Then there are some stunning action episodes that can be compared with best of Hollywood movies.(more)

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SS Rajamouli's film holds out many promises

SS Rajamouli's film holds out many promises: of adventure and romance, love and betrayal, valour and weakness. And delivers magnificently on each of them.Right from its opening frames, �Baahubali� holds out many promises: of adventure and romance, love and betrayal, valour and weakness. And it delivers magnificently on each of them. This is full-tilt ,fully-assured filmmaking of a very high order. �Baahubali� is simply spectacular.But Rajamouli makes sure that the references do not overwhelm his epic, which has a beleaguered kingdom, kings and queens, faithful slaves, jealous brothers, beautiful women and strong men. And the strongest of them, �Baahubali�, which means, literally, �strong of arm�. (more)

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Visual treat

The battle scenes in the run up to the end are the film's pride. Shot at a vast scale, the sheer ambition is gigantic, with technical talent and writing talent converging to deliver a dekko. The moments see Prabhas, Prabhakar (as Kalakeya), Rana, Ramya Krishna, and Nasser at their intense best. Prabhas does a Rajeev Kanakala from 'Sye' in the climax (saying anything more would amount to giving out a spoiler). The scenes that come in the run up to this episode seem a bit stretched, but in hindsight they are alright. Prabhas and Rana going on a hunt for the traitor are totally in place, given the significance of catching hold of him and the same leading to a larger-than-life, Hollywoodish climax. Rajamouli's visualization is not at its best though. The cinematography (Senthil Kumar) and art direction (Manu Jagadh) are top notch.A visual feast and one time watch.(more)

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Interesting charecterisation and engaging visuals stands out as big strengths

The biggest, most expensive and greatly anticipated film of the year is finally out and unleashes on the screen in burst after dazzling burst of colour - a visual feast (rather feat) with the story slowly yet surely unfolding from the midst. When scenes of Baahubali reminded Karan Johar of James Cameron's Avatar, he would have surely meant the luminescent blue butterflies and water falling in a dozen shades. So it's fairy tale meeting superhero fable meeting quintessential Telugu period cinema in Baahubali - The Beginning. Interesting characterisation and engaging visuals stand out as big strengths. So do the fight choreography and stunts. The grand palaces and beautifully detailed outfits of the main characters take things a good notch.(more)

Source: Mona Ramavat, India Today