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Avunu 2
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Predictable but Engaging

Avunu 2 has some well executed and engaging moments. The premise chosen, the second half and decent performances from the lead cast are basic assets. All those who have seen Avunu might have their restrictions about the first half. But for those who haven�t seen it, this film can be given a shot and...(more)

Source: 123telugu Team, 123telugu.com


Its not a HORROR film its a HORRIBLE film..

Ravi Babu makes the story very very predictable and there is barely any element of mystery or surprise left in the second half, when it is most needed. It is almost as if he gave up on the film halfway. The ending is so ridiculous you that you will be happy the movie has ended in a short time. All i...(more)

Source: Common Man, Apherald.com


Tech-savvy spirit

Sans intelligent story-telling, Avunu-2 entertains only in bits and pieces. Good RR and cinematography notwithstanding, the film is more of the same. Even at 107 minutes, the film woks only in bits and pieces(more)

Source: , IndiaGlitz.com