Humshakals (U/A)
20/Jun/2014 159minutes


Critics Review


Humshakals is the lowest form of buffoonery have seen this year.

Saif Ali Khan hasn�t delivered this lusterless performance in a while. I haven�t been a fan of his latest releases but the guy hams, overacts and is darn terrible at it. Pitted against better actors like Ram and Riteish doesn�t help him as they make him look worse. Ram Kapoor is fantastic. Especially where the male Ram romances the female Ram, one witnesses the immense versatile potential in the man. I wish Bollywood doesn�t allow him to return to television ever. Actors like him are such a rare find.Sajid Khan is slowly emerging as the king of disastrous films. Compared to his TV shows, his films are not only mere failures but shows a dip in his sense of comedy.(more)

Source: Mohar Basu, Koimoi


Saif, Riteish team up to give you brain damage

Humshakals is a wretched film. The only useful aspect of Humshakals is that it could be used for pest control. You could play the DVD and step out, and when you return home three hours later every insect and vermin in your house will be dead. I�m still in the car though. Excuse me while I drive over to the nearest hospital and seek treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.(more)

Source: Mihir Fadnavis,


Saif Ali Khan is the worst thing about Humshakals

Sajid, nonetheless needs to be lauded for one thing - honesty. Through the lame jokes that Saif cracks in the starting, you seem to be warned for what lies ahead. Riteish says Saif's joke will send you to coma. In fact, at one point, Saif and Riteish are warned that they will be tortured in ways that will make Hitler and Saddam proud - strapped to their chairs, they will be shown Sajid Khan's Himmatwala. He really knows what he is making. Only problem is - why does he have to? With no story or comedy on offer, even Riteish and Ram are unable to save the day for Sajid Khan. Skip this movie if you do not want a bad headache and other after-effects of being tortured. (more)

Source: Sweta Kaushal,, Hindustan Times


Sajid Khan's Humshakals becomes butt of jokes

Humshakals becomes the top contender for the Golden Kela Awards to be held later this year. Sajid Khan, Hum pagal nahi hai bhaiya..par Hamara dimaag kharab hogaya #Humshakals dekhkar! I love you Riteish Deshmukh but #Humshakals really is unbearable and pathetic and boring and crappy and all the other adjectives.Sajid sucks man People watching #Humshakals and tweeting their disappointment with the movie is like slapping yourself and then crying for it. Just when we thought Sajid Khan can't fall more he gives us #Humshakals two and a half hours of CRAP!!! (more)

Source: Taran Adarsh, Times Of India