Queen (U/A)
07/Mar/2014 146 minutes


Critics Review


Don�t miss Queen for anything. It is a sparkling little gem.

Kangana�s is the heart and soul of Queen and she does not strike a single false note. It is a performance that should define not only her career from here on, but also the fate of any young Bollywood actress seeking to push the boundaries of what is acceptable within the framework of the commercial Hindi movie industry. But also do spare a thought for Rajkummar Rao, who plays the utterly unlikeable, if not out and out obnoxious, Vijay Dhingra. He brings remarkable restraint to bear upon his interpretation of the disgustingly conservative city slicker who cannot see beyond his nose. Rarely has an object of derision stood his ground with as much firm intent as he does. (more)

Source: Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV Movies


Kangna rules in Queen.. This is a story of girl meets girl.

This is a massively entertaining film, even though it does run too long, and Rani�s fun travails are bogged down by a sense of tokenism, by her friends being White, Black and Asian (and the Asian being one of the most annoying Japanese caricatures since Mr Yunioshi from Breakfast At Tiffany�s). The unbelievably hot Lisa Haydon � with Mick Jagger�s tongue tattooed on her thigh � drapes her legs around everything in a seemingly relentless quest for stripper-poles, and her accent is atrociously inconsistent, but ah well. This isn�t about her. Everyone in this film is playing a supporting role, even the director. When nothing else works in the shot, you can turn unfailingly to Rani, besotted, and smile at her with an affection you saved for your teenage crushes. She�s a wonder.(more)

Source: Raja Sen, Rediff.com


Rare, disarming film that has you smiling throughout

It's been a journey of self-discovery, across oceans and continents for this Rajouri Garden girl, but Rani finally chooses herself. It is a sweet victory and you feel richer for the choice she makes because Queen is that rare, disarming film that has you smiling throughout.(more)

Source: Rajeev Masand , IBN Live


'Queen' is irresistible, a must-see film

Director Vikas Bahl displays brilliance. He captures Rani's journey wonderfully; from a reluctant girlfriend to a woman in love, to a jilted woman and then one who accepts change and discovers a side to her that she never knew existed. Bahl ensures you feel everything that Rani does -- from her emotional trauma to her elation at small things as driving or earning a few bucks. You find yourself batting for her and find love with one of the many interesting characters she bonds with on her journey. But Bahl delivers a far more interesting conclusion. Lisa Haydon in a small role defines fabulousness. The music is complexly in sync with the film. The dialogues are both funny and effective(more)

Source: Sarita A Tanwar, TamilCinema