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There is no justification to the title Jalsa. Screenplay is fragile, testing the patience of the audience, yet with three-hour duration. While first half rolls down with some simple comedy and dramatic scenes, the second half turns out and out action-packed for no good reason, except the personal ri...(more)

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Jalsa After Khushi

Jalsa entertains. It is not a great movie, but with a tighter screenplay it would have qualified as a good movie. For now, it is time-pass. For Pawan and fans, definitely time to rejoice. Whatever the fate of the movie, Sanjay Sahu will be among the characters that he has played, for Bangaram and An...(more)

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Jalsa mixes social issues, with trendy love, and stylized fights

And Jalsa is an excellent socially relevant movie if you can tolerate many bottles of blood (or ketch up) spilled in some scenes. Jalsa mixes social issues, with trendy love, and stylized fights. All the scenes are garnished with super comedy. Good comedy sustains the interest of the audience throug...(more)

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More comedy mere content

It is a love story of a reformed naxalite who is forced to confront a bad man. Trivikram excelled in dialogue department and penned many episodes catering to comedy segment. But as a script writer, he failed to do justice to the texture of the film(more)

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1 “"Jalsa” Baba Sehgal and Rita
2 “My Heart is Beating"[16]” K. K.
3 “ You and I"” Devi Sri Prasad
4 “"Chalore Chalore Chal"” Ranjith
5 “"Jennifer Lopez"” Benny Dayal and Priya
6 “"Gaallo Thelinattunde"” Tippu and Gopika Purnima