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The film is totally lifeless, as the story has no nativity with Andhra. The screenplay is a mess that cares a hoot for sense, logic and even continuity. The basic problem is that Pawan was over confident and thought that his fans will take whatever he lumps down their throat. But sorry Pawan, you ha...(more)

Source: MovieBuzz, Sify.com


Tests your patience

The main drawback of the film is lack of proper story and bad screenplay. One can watch this film with an academic interest to study how not to direct a film. This film has all style and no substance. Normal viewers can safely avoid watching this film.(more)

Source: Idlebrain Review Board, Idlebrain


Pavan does a brilliant job

Johnny will not allow us to put up corny blurbs like, "Come witness three full hours of sheer - Projection" We might actually put up something like this: If this is the kind of film you like, then this is a film for you(more)

Source: Mithun Verma, Fullhyderabad.com

Music Tracks

No. Song Title Lyric Writer Performer(s) Listen here
1 “Cool And Lovely ” Ramana Gogula
2 “Dharmardha kamamulalona” Rajesh
3 “Ee Chota Nuvvunna” Rajesh, Nandhita
4 “Ee Reyi Tiyanidhi ” Hariharan, Nandhita
5 “Go Jhony” Ramana Gogula
6 “Naalo Nuvvuvokasagamai ” Kay Kay, Usha
7 “Naaraju Gakura” Ramana Gogula
8 “Nuvvu Sara Tagute” Pawan Kalyan
9 “ Ravoyi Maa Countryki ” Pawan Kalyan