RRR Review - Wholesome EntertaineRRR

PUBLISHED DATE : 25/Mar/2022

RRR Review - Wholesome EntertaineRRR

RRR Review - Wholesome EntertaineRRR

Ashwin Ram

RRR is a Pan-Indian magnum opus film directed by SS Rajamouli. Multi-starrers are always exciting, this brings Jr.NTR and Ram Charan together on the same screen. To add the wow factor, Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt have played cameo roles. The Baahubali filmmaker has set an unprecedented benchmark, let’s see whether he has managed to fulfill the expectations of India’s most-anticipated biggie.



Jr.NTR as Bheem is from the tribal community, the English Governor orders to forcefully take an innocent child along from the community to serve them. While Ram Charan as Rama Raju is a police officer who works for the British. Jr.NTR is keen on saving the suffering child, and Ram Charan is appointed by the Government to stop him from taking her. And, the waRRR begins.


Writing/ Direction

Introduction portions that establish the story is a pleasant surprise that has an unique narrative pattern linking with the title. The deep sentiment that’s lying in the core of the subject is conveyed effortlessly at the very beginning and that helps us to instantly attach with the story. The male leads get powerful introduction scenes separately that give us a clear idea about the nature of their characters. The first half runs for 100 minutes and is truly exceptional as there are plenty of terrific stretches and superlative situations. There are many memorable scenes throughout the film that would solidly engage even for a repeat viewing. Crazy ideas packed fluently into the story, everything comes along with a hard-hitting emotion that makes the viewers relish the grandeur. The song placements are great, just the Nattu Nattu song alone carries a truckload of relatable clap-worthy elements. The film doesn’t incorporate the jaw-dropping sequences just for the sake of it, the subject demands such a huge canvas. The visionary filmmaker Rajamouli comfortably hits a century in the first innings, he sets a believable world and the screenplay is watertight without any deviations. He logically moves the story forward with a lot of enjoyable cinematic touches. Credits to the master in writing Vijayendra Prasad, he has penned the basic structure of the film cleverly and the director has brought things beautifully to the large screen. The friendship factor is shown well, discussing their team plan just with hand actions even before they've been introduced to each other is a very much attractive point of the storytelling that conveys they both are on the same page. Even when they part ways, we will be routing and praying for them to get along soon to see them blast as a duo. The interval sequence is remarkable in every aspect, there is a shocking moment that will offer an immense level of goosebumps. The second half slips till a point, falls way short of the first half as the expectations set at the interval mark is sky-high. The backstory of Ram Charan that is presented as a flashback is dragged and feels lengthy, though it has a couple of mass moments, the overall satisfaction is missing in that. Also, there’s one more long-drawn-out face off sequence that consumes too much time. The second half could have easily been better than what it is if these two overly long portions were crisp, they take up like 40 minutes or so. But thankfully, there is a breaking point to the on-going lag where the film gets back the lost momentum. The final forty minutes is amazing, where the action and emotion are combined together skillfully. Clap-worthy mass sequences presented with a magnificent vision and strong emotions conveyed at the correct meter drive the film to glory, despite the lows in the latter.



Both the heroes have equal scope and screen-time in the story. While Ram Charan is stiff, on the other side Jr.NTR freely flows like water. Ram Charan has understood his character so well and acted, he purposefully doesn’t follow eye contact at certain scenes for a reason and it adds so much value to his character. Jr.NTR’s performance is likeable, he emotes and conveys his innocence nicely. The heroes have a rocking chemistry throughout and their work in all their combination scenes are stunning, especially in the finale. Good efforts by both the stars to dub on their own voice in Tamil, but the end result isn’t that pleasing as there are errors in their delivery and word pronunciations. Alia Bhatt plays a cameo, her character stands as the reason for the story to attain its fulfillment at the end, but nothing special in-terms of performance. Ajay Devgn appears for a crucial portion, although his presence adds weightage to Ram Charan’s character, felt his portions were weakly delivered, mainly because it was a lengthy fair. Casting choices are perfectly done for the foreign actors. They were portrayed neatly without outrightly bashing them just to gain some claps.


MM Keeravani’s songs were impressive, especially Natpu and Nattu Nattu are in a different range with the other numbers, but the whole album isn’t that great as Baahubali. But he pulls off a superb feat with background score, tremendous tunes that elevate the emotions and mass moments. Superlative camera work as the visuals tie us tightly in awe the whole time, capturing the grandeur and face reactions help us remember certain frames even after coming out from the theater. Editor has helped in fluent scene transitions, except for a few lags in the second half, the rest of the film is totally fine despite the red flag ‘3 hours runtime’. Action sequences are completely gripping, not just because of the grand making, it is also because of the smart choreography and background writing that make those portions a value asset, the two stars have provided their best to achieve what has been planned and rehearsed. Visual effects is by far the best seen in Indian Cinema, the output quality exceeds even the range set by Baahubali, what a merely perfect work from the VFX team, truly hats-off. Every other department has provided the best that gives us an extravagant cinematic experience.



An exceptional first half with absolutely zero complaints followed by a decent later part. Was kind of worried about the sluggish pace the initial portions of the second half was moving at, thankfully the film found its way back successfully after a point and neatly conveyed what was aimed to be done.

RRR - Wholesome EntertaineRRR!

Rating - 3.75/ 5.

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