Meekku Maathrame Cheptha Review - A Fun Riot

PUBLISHED DATE : 02/Nov/2019

Meekku Maathrame Cheptha Review - A Fun Riot

Meekku Maathrame Cheptha Review - A Fun Riot 

Suhansid Srikanth


To put it precisely, Shammeer Sultan's directorial debut 'Meekku Maathrame Cheptha' is a fun riot. The film is one of those popcorn entertainers that pulls you into its universe, sets up its own logic and conflicts and let you travel along with its characters. Like Tharun's last film 'Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi'.. this one is also a solid film with a defined plot and flowing comedy, offering a pleasant theatre experience.


Few days before his wedding, a scandal video involving protagonist gets leaked. He seeks help from his best friend to take it down. A hacker friend is roped in. The don uncle from the girl's (one who is in the video) side has put a life threat. The bride is fuming with angry on his abnormal behavior. The hacker's sister warns him to tell the truth to his bride before the wedding. With all this looping up, did the marriage happen? How did he get over the mess is what the rest of the film is all about. 

Tharun Bhascker is superb in playing this boy who is insecure about his problem and yet comes out as charming as he could. There is no false step as he is a director himself! Vani Bhojan plays his fiancee and she delivers an adequate performance. The real cracker of the film is Abhinav Gomatam who plays the best friend, standing by protagonist's side no matter what. Every counter leaves the theatre on roar. The twist to the end leaves you on surprise and it works evenmore if you connect the dots as you think about it! 

Sivakumar's music is simplistic and adds to the fun and pep of the film. Mathan's cinematography capturing the chaotic city and the tense youth vibes draws one's attention! Sreejith Sarang's editing rhythms a mood to the film without making it lack its emotion and the connect. 

There are logical loopholes and some whys left with us. But that gets irrelevant given the tone and genre of the film. As the film ends, you do feel good about watching it. And that's probably the best thing a little film like this can do. 

Bottomline : Shammeer Sultan's directorial debut 'Meekku Maathrame Cheptha' is a laugh-riot with a dignified writing and sense of comedy. No absurdness.. No obscenity.. This Tharun Bhascker starrer is definitely a treat to watch with your friends.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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