Njan Prakashan Review - A Strikingly Super Hilarious Journey of Self-Discovery

PUBLISHED DATE : 29/Dec/2018

Njan Prakashan Review - A Strikingly Super Hilarious Journey of Self-Discovery

Njan Prakashan Review - A Strikingly Super Hilarious Journey of Self-Discovery

Suhansid Srikanth


I thought Sriram Raghavan's Andhadhun was the most quirkiest film of the year until Njan Prakashan dropped by the year end. This film is what you call a RIOT. By riot.. it is not just about the one liners and counters.. but by the very spirit of the protagonist's character. It is crackingly humorous despite all the whacky twists and turns of the incidents or the genre of the film itself.


The film opens with Prakashan swirling a globe. His family even addresses him as Germany. He aspires to settle in Germany but without doing any toil to it. In the aim to settle in a husband Visa, he self induces a love with Salomi, who has recently got a job in Germany. From then on, the film tracks all his crooked this-that routes to make sure that he ends up in Germany. But it all collapses to rock bottom when things turn up.


There is a major genre shift towards the second half. The lighthearted comedy gets into a pretty, serious, philosophical, Dear Zindagi type of film. Prakashan, in the course of treating his new patient, Teena.. discovers himself and what gives him real happiness. The female leads, Nikhila Vimal and Anju Kurian plays their part perfectly as along with an extraordinary bunch of character artists ranging from veterans like KPAC Lalitha or Srinivasan to JayaShankar or Sabitha Anand.


Fahadh Faazil kills it to the kin as Prakashan aka P.R.Akash as he says. He is bang-on cracking sparks all over. His effortless timing sense is such a knockout! Look at his gestures.. body language.. even the way he awkwardly hides and nods when his lies are found out.. he is so very full of life! I lost it when he advices Salomi to bath carefully when she is sick. Its a simple counter humour but the way he says it made the entire crowd go crazy!


Sreenivasan, has made his strong return both as a writer and as a comedian. His duo with Fahadh is picture perfect. His little throws to Fahadh's extra behaviours brings the roof down in theatre. The stretch about Mazhapuzha and the preceding chain robbery sequence are hilariously done.


One can get the entire cast and crew were in perfect sync with the mood of the film. Be it Shaan Ragman's tracks or S Kumar's cinematography.. the ambience of a connectable Naadan comedy staying rooted to the locality is all throughout the film.


Bottomline: Srinivasan - Sathyan Andhikaad - Fahadh Faazil's trio strikes gold with 'Njan Prakashan'. Fahadh Faazil is unstoppable in this super hilarious tale of self-discovery by a man.


Rating : 3.5/5

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