Geetha Govindam Review - The Blockbuster we've been waiting for!


Geetha Govindam Review - The Blockbuster we've been waiting for!

Geetha Govindam Review - The Blockbuster we've been waiting for!

Suhansid Srikanth

When Geetha Govindam begins, we are given with a couple of scenes that says how much Vijay Govind, the hero is looking forward for his perfect wife. And this is explained in the trademark traditional commercial cinema traits. We see him being super innocent. We see him questioning his friends sensibilities and ideas of true love and understanding. We see him having a dream of getting married to his would-be but with her face hidden. We get slow motion introduction shots for heroine amidst flowers and lamps in the temple. There is aggressive stalking (that goes into a whole new level or low with this film.. but later on that!). What's said as story is an era old plot.. but with performances it all come alive as a whiff of freshness! 

The film, altogether is an one man game show by Vijay Devarakonda. His portrayal of a submissive boyfriend brings a charm that's light up as a bundle of delight on screen. He is versatile. He comes off as a decent lecturer.. an innocent stalker.. a guilty abuser.. a caring brother.. a brother-in-law.. a lover who won't give up.. Look at the way he pulls the graph of this character between all these extremes from beginning to end! He sparks fireworks everytime he takes over the screen.
The comedy works big time not just as counters and one liners but also as well made stand alone characters. I was surprised to see how the character of Vennela Kishore was constantly hidden as a guy with an overdosed social awareness to convincingly help the climax. 

Not to forget that the film wins hands down with respect to music. Gopi Sundar's soundtrack is a treat. 'Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavale', the viral single has opened early morning shows to huge openings in TamilNadu. The background scores are equally communicating the moods of the sequences like a riot!

But.. Since the initial hook for all this.. Vijay trying to kiss Geetha when she sleeps near him comes as a creepy act.. the latter scenes doesn't convince us no matter how good the performances are. We get that he slaps a student who sent him a nude video to seduce him. We get that he is so in love with Geetha! But isn't that student's is somehow a replica of what he did as an act of love? 

In the times we leave.. it is bit.. well, way too hard to digest a stranger creeping up towards a female co-passenger under the sheets of hero & heroine being taken as a mere inciting incident. Here, Rashmika Mandanna plays Geetha, a typical heroine that stands up to the captivating screen presence of Devarakonda! The character sounds bold and rough.. but it doesn't hold up when you realize all this is gonna head into a weird trauma bond kind of abuser - abused relationship. And.. Geetha after all the hatred for hundred some minutes, falls in love with Vijay, the very next moment she hears that he slapped the student for her act! Entraa idi!

Still.. Despite all these ethical issues that will be discussed for quite some time over net.. the film is a celebration that deserves a theatre experience. It's been a while since we get into a theatre and watch a film with constant roars of laughter and claps every two minutes. And trust me.. Geetha Govindam does that with a double swag and charm! 



Geetha Govindam, the perfect mid-year entertainer holds the sign of blockbuster stamped on its every shot. And if in Arjun Reddy, Vijay Devarakonda became a sensation.. with this, he wins our heart as well!

Rating : 3.5/5

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