Reviews by Arun Gowtham
  1. Kavan
    Kavan U

    #Kavan - Solid, Engaging & Entertaining film , that brutally exposes the Media's unethical business for TRP 
    The one thing that usually excites me when it comes to Kv Anand movies are the extensive research that KV Anand -Suba duo put in for every movie, be its techniques in smuggling (Ayan), Ugly dramas in political (Ko), the geographical & historical real and reel connections of munaruna to Kaali (Anegan). The duo used to intelligently place their research inside a commercial product.
    The research they put for Kavan is nothing less when compared to their previous product (Additionally having media person Kabilan Vairamuthu in writing team), the movie is highly entertaining, and at the same time, it makes you realize how unethical media's can go for the sake of TRP. Though the issue they shown may be unrealistic or more filmsy, but the makers have injected that how media can misuse power & turn an event upside down or manipulate issues like how they want. The Impact. The movie doesnt deal with real issues as shown in teaser but it is relevant.
    A must watch for the content ! Vijay Sethupathi's timing commentary modulations and dialogue deliveries are biggest asset. TR and Pandiraj is good at their limited scope of roles. on flip side Hip Hop Aadhi does a 15 minutes cameo score before the climax. Noting much scope for Madonna. Kavan - Go For it . 3.5/5     

    S3 U

    Singam 3 aka S3 - A roller coaster ride
    The success of any mass - commercial movie depends on the tight gripping screenplay , which over-shades the flaws it has & brings you the entertainment.
    Coming to S3, as there is nothing to establish something new about the main characters, you will be on a roller coaster ride from the very first scene, you defintely know what you expect, and they offer what exactly you need. You will never know how the time lapsed until the interval, that fast is the screenplay and you keep glued to the film till the .
    The movie definitely had few  ROFL moments, but Hari, will never give u a time to think about it, the next frame will have an important scene & it goes on. 
    A movie like this heavily falls on the shoulder of the main lead and Suriya does it in ease. Suriya's charisma and performance is an asset to Singam series. Like in other parts in the franchise comedians delivers everything expect the comedy ! 
    Technically movie is rich!  Priyan's cinematography is too good. Though Harris bgm is adequate to the film, its too loud and noisy! If the movie went on to be a success, the full credit should be acknowledged to the editor of the film!  
    Over all #S3 is a power packed mindless Entertainer,  it do have flaws, b(u/e)t Hari wont give you a time to think about it !     

    Iru Mugan
    Iru Mugan U/A

    Irumugan is definitely a watchable action drama sci-fi thriller. A little more care would have made it a superb watching experience. The believable factors in SCI-FI movies are always a worrying factor for Tamil audience, but still there are flaws with what Anand has set to his Irumugan. Harris saves a lot of dull moment with his BGM. To me this is his best work after Thuppakki. Nayanthara or Nithya Menen does their part well nothing to rave about as ppl say.     

    Joker U


    Iraivi U/A

    You have bought a good meat & ingredients, you decide to make an unusual dish, in the process of cooking the dish promises to be tastier, but when you overcook it, the whole effort you put on to get ur desired one gets spoiled.
    This is what exactly happend with Iraivi. The movie has very good performers as a lead stars, particularly SJ SURYAH was terrific. Karthik comes up with a concept that focuses on man- woman relationship and few thoughts on how man should treat his Iraivi (Woman). There are scenes where bobby tries hard to relate the core concept, like man - arakkan, woman - iraivi reference and  his lengthy dialogues on how true love and attentions a woman he love deserves. Though it sounds drammatic it was quite thought provoking too. 
    There is one place where one of the 4 main Iraivi (Pooja Devariya) was shown as independent, living her own life, a spark on how an independed empowered woman should be, but i doubt if karthik was making fun of it as her life/relationship and freedom is all about just a 3 letter.  ( does karthik Subbaraj wanted us to tease "Ivalothana unga empowerment? )
    The other Mainithis (Anjali, Kamalini, Vadivukarasi) of this film has very little part of the three men's life, and all of them are affected emotionally mentally just because of man's  hasty decisions! (Probably this is what director's ingredient), but when Karthik Subbaraj overcooks it by just focusing on the men's reckless decisions & subplots to feed such decisions, there the film become more artificial and forced towards the end, Which makes a wannabe classy film as annoying to an extent.
    Iraivi - unconventional but overcooked !
    Ps: This review has no views on violence, filthy words, illicit affair and cautionary no drinking and smoking label across the film.      

    Action Hero Biju
    Action Hero Biju U

    Action Hero Biju is a realistic cop flick that shows us police officer's day to day cop life. Nivin as Biju fits into young town SI, who portrays a role of Ideal Cop a town needs. The character Biju has all the qualities a normal film goer expect from a hero "Nallavanukku Nallavan Kettavanukku Kettavan". Biju knows his power of being SI, he was never shown as superior to others anywhere, even he has some fun moments with his cops at his station. There is a moment where a pc at his station misses a wirless, when a senior questions him he never raise his voice like usually a hero does, he goes adide by his seniors.  Another beautiful thing about this movie is that unlike regular cop flicks director doest not stick to one dangerous villain, like a real police the hero has to deals with all sort of cases like cheats, psycho, public nuisance, theft, political & so on. This is where the film stands out from other regular cop flicks. 
    Another note-worthy flick in Nivin's filmography.
    Action Hero Biju - "A Ride with a Police Officer",  as shown in the opening credits . 

    Idhu Namma Aalu
    Idhu Namma Aalu U

    Looks like Pandiraj wants to show us Simbu's real life scenarios in a different perspective and took Idhu Namma Aalu with a known Love, breakup, marriage - formula with an uninteresting screenplay. Despite having a good chemistry  between Simbu & Nayan the film falls flat, the non-stop conversation are sure to test your patience. It was Soori's one liners which saves the film for the most time. 
    Idhu Namma Aalu - in short 
    First Half - Ivan aalu yaaru? | Second Half - Simbuvum Kaipesiyum      

    KO 2
    KO 2 U

    Spoilers Ahead: KO 2 is not a "Political Thriller" as teaser or trailer or advertisement or even some critic says. Its "Revenge drama" where two key politicians characters are involved with a few politically hard hitting dialogues which has no connection to the actual plot, just to get tagged for political genre.
    What went Wrong: A movie by itself is not a real one, so logic misses are fine to an extend, but in case of KO2, they crossed a limit.
    *A chief minister was kidnapped, within a space of few feet distance. It was informed to in-charge police officer that it was CM's sudden decision and protocol could not be possible for it. A CM these days at-least would have a Z+ security, were such plans are not immediately approved, even if you wanted immediately they request them for another 30 Min. adhu seri idhellam director ku thevai ila Prakash raj ah kadathanum Kadathiyachu.
    *There was a scene, where NSG was invited for a mission, after a it failed, Police officer Jhon Vijay shouts at NSG to leave the spot. In reality, NSG would never hear to police. NSG are high ranked security providers and they hear only to chief commando. Namma police officer ku adhu theriyadhu, get out of the site nu satham poduvar. "Makkal Rasikranga sir kai thattunga"
    *Towards the end, a police officer finds a secret path to the house via a steel box which is big like a hut, in front of house. When CM was kidnapped the whole spot was checked, how they missed this box? Does the director want to give a tribute to "Kadasi Nera Police Kandupidipu"?? wait, hero thappika venama so dont check boxu
    Cast: Cast department has totally failed even starts like prakash raj has no idea of what he is doing. There were no tension or mood, that a cm was kidnapped, it was like a group of students gather for a holiday trip and just chilling! The peter modulation of Jhon Vijay, Bobby's acting everything was too artificial. No idea why Bobby Shines only in Subbaraj movies
    So what was good?: As mentioned above few i repeat few political dialogues was good, but that has no connection to the plot. Which will leave you confused. when bobby raises such question you would think you are gonna get something big at end, but its focus only on revenge plot and nothing else. leon music was savior at places.
    When you have a good script and poor performers, the result will be mixed, we have poor script and poor performers, resulted in poor revenge drama
    KO2 - They promised you to deliver a Briyani (Sequel of KO), but what they delivered is a tasteless "Thakkali Sadham" (KO2)