Anbanavan Asarathavan Adangathavan (U/A)
23/Jun/2017 Comedy, Action 2hrs 20mins

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Anbanavan Asarathavan Adangathavan
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Synopsis: AAA is a two-part story that revolves around a father and his twin sons - all played by Simbu. AAA1D (part 1) is about a 57 year old falling for a girl half his age, only to find out that she loves someone else.


Production Rebel studios Deepan Boopathy.
Music Director Yuvan Shankar RAJA
Cinematographer Krishnan Vasant
Editor Ruben
Art Director Umesh J Kumar
Stunt Director Rajasekar
Writer Adhik Ravichander

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Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan (AAA) Movie Review

A saving grace in the last few minutes was the inclusion of another character of STR, the story of which would be portrayed in the second installment. But how many of us would be interested in taking that risk is the question. Go without any expectations. The film has 'Adhik stamp' written all over it.

by - Times Of India

Rating (2/5)

AAA review: anything but 'sirappu'

There are few moments in which we can take AAA seriously. Michael's life-changing decision to start life afresh in Dubai is taken inside a theatre playing a loud T Rajendar film. We know nothing about his life in West Asia except for the cops stating that he's a 'don'.

by - The Hindu

Rating (2/5)


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    bala bala

    Already director told part 1 is only character info and from part 2  the movie will rocks. my self AAA movie  is ok waiting to watch part 2.  


    Arun Gowtham

    AAA is close to Jigarthanda in real  ( Aadhik - Siddharth | STR - Bobby Simha )
    Ratham therika therika oru padam but in ears, How long could Yuvan save the film with his superb bg score for no-story b-grade stuff like this, at a point we have to feel sorry for him. If the initial few minutes promises you to at-least expect a decent masala film, credit it to Yuvan.
    Whenever you hear this "Indha ponnunga irukangale" " Indha Kaadhal iruke" every often, you have no option other than cursing yourself !
    It would be better to add this statement before the film start:
    "Indha padathil paravaigal mattrum vilangugal thunpurutha padavaillai. Audiencey thunpurutha pattullanar"