Interview With

Vishnu Vishal

Actor Vishnu Vishal, who is known to choose and act in very unique, content oriented films with a tinge of commercial elements, is gearing up for the release of his psycho thriller film Raatchasan. Directed by Mundasupatti Ramkumar and also starring Amala Paul, Raatchasan is set to hit the screens on October 5. In an interview with Moviecrow, Vishnu Vishal talks about the film and a lot more, ahead of its release.

Your film Ratsasan is releasing this week. How do you feel right now?

I am feeling extremely positive about the film and am very confident about its content and the way it has come out. However, there is heavy competition thrown at us as 3 big films are slated to release this week. Perhaps, there is Mani Ratnam sir?s Chekka Chivantha Vaanam and also the critically acclaimed film Pariyerum Perumal from last week, which have to be accommodated. Pariyerum Perumal is a hard hitting film and the following week is now going to see 3 big releases. My Ratsasan is one among them. It looks like audiences have to be divided by the number of films that are releasing on the same day and this is my only concern at the moment.

As an actor, is Vishnu Vishal very choosy about his scripts?

As much as I am choosy to find the right scripts, I also try to mix it up with a good commercial film here and there. There has to be a genuine mix of content and commercial elements that all the audiences would enjoy and I am striving to achieve that with every film of mine.

Ratsasan is a psycho-thriller. How will it stand out as a different film from movies of the similar genre?

Unlike other films of the similar genre, Ratsasan will have no challenges between the protagonist and antagonist as such. It will not be a very simple hero versus villain sort of a movie. It has different layers backed up by good performances and top technicalities. The villain will be doing his own thing and will be seen attacking what the hero wants to save. It is going to be a film that women and children have to watch for the social message that has been touched upon. Also, Ratsasan will be a less gruesome movie with the same impact of an out and out psycho thriller. Hence the family audience can watch it as it is not visually disturbing but carries forward the thrill at every instance.

About teaming up with actress Amala Paul.

Amala Paul is a brilliant co-actor to work with and her role is very much performance oriented in Ratsasan. She has given her best shot and felt that it will be one of her best roles so far. She is a very mature actress and has become a good friend of mine, both on and off screen. The off screen friendship helped the on-screen scenes that we had to shoot.

How was your experience of working again with director Mundasupatti Ramkumar?

Director Ramkumar has handled this subject extremely well. Even though Mundasupatti was his first film, it wouldn?t feel like it was his debut as he is someone who is very strong with his nuances and knows exactly what he wants from his artists. On paper as well, he has shown his maturity level to be at a peak with just 2 projects in his kitty. He has given proper justification for every sequence in this psycho thriller and that would be a major positive for the flick.

Quick word on music director Ghibran and his work for Ratsasan.

Music director Ghibran has proved himself as a technician who is very seasoned and has so much variety to offer. He has given a stand out background score for Raatchasan and it has elevated the film?s standards by 60-70 percent. His work will definitely be one of our biggest pluses and has enhanced the entire film, serving as a backbone for the intense scenes.

Close to 3 films release every week. How do you see this?

With the growing number of films year by year, it looks like this would be a concern for makers from all ends to accommodate the films in a given window. I honestly believe that at the end of the day, content is the king and on these lines, I am super confident about Ratsasan. I also have belief in myself as an actor. A good example would be my Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran (VVV) which released with the star studded Iraivi. VVV did well and turned out to be one of my biggest commercially successful films. Hence, I have immense hope in our Ratsasan which will be supported by our audience for its content. Also I wish team 96 and NOTA best of luck and we will have to wait and watch how audiences receive these films too.

How can this scenario change?

A simple method to streamline releases and chalk them out based on certain parameters could be an option. We were one of the first of the teams to announce that we would release our film on October 5. From then on there has been no backing off and I am very much confident about this decision. However, this scenario can definitely be regulated and senior people who have been in the industry for many years could come together to offer a feasible solution.

How supportive was your technical team?

The biggest highlight of Ratsasan would be its making. This top class making was achievable due to the work of our cinematographer PV Sankar and editor San Lokesh. Their work is very important and they have given us a quality product. Watch out for this making as it will definitely be of a superior quality.

What can the audience keep in mind before booking tickets for Ratsasan?

I can promise our audience that what they saw in the teaser and trailer of Ratsasan is what the film will be about. It will satisfy them all like my Indru Netru Naalai and they will definitely not feel disappointed. Their support is extremely important and they have always stood by good films. In that manner, I am really hopeful that they will watch and support Ratsasan just the way they did for some of my previous films. I am always thankful to them and they are the reason for my success as an actor. I can boldly experiment with films like Jeeva, Indru Netru Naalai, Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu and Mundasupatti when I have an amazing audience like that of the Tamil film industry. They have given me that confidence time and again.

Any other interesting projects in the line-up?

After Ratsasan, Silukkuvarupatti Singam is set to release. I am in talks for a few more projects and will officially make an announcement on the same very soon. As of now, fingers crossed for Ratsasan.

Best of luck Vishnu Vishal for Ratsasan and all your forthcoming projects.