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Sayyeshaa is very genial to talk to. Having debuted in Vanamagan, the svelte beauty had two film releases in the form of Kadaikutty Singam and Junga recently. Her next film Ghajinikanth will hit the screens this Friday. Sayyeshaa is also doing KV Anand-Suriya project. In an interesting conversation with Jyothsna Bhavanishankar the dancing sensation discusses about her films, directors, heroes and her dancing passion.

Looks like you are having back to back releases in the form of Kadaikutty Singam followed by Junga and Ghajinikanth this week. How do you feel?

It has been a very busy time for me. God has been kind. Kadaikutty Singam has done very well and I am extremely happy about it. Junga has also got a good opening and response. It is really a good feel when your films do well because you worked very hard on each one of them. I hope the same happens with Ghajinikanth also and it does well.

Kadaikutty Singam was a rural subject. How was it working in the film and also with Karthi?

It was a different experience for me as I have never done anything like this before, like playing a village girl. I had to learn a lot and adapt to. Karthi, as everyone knows is a talented actor and Kadaikutty Singam is one of his amazing performances. It was lovely working with him. He was really encouraging me to do my best. He is extremely intelligent and has a great script sense. There is a lot to learn from Karthi. I had a wonderful time working with him.

What about Pandiraj?

The film is all about rural nativity and the fact that Pandiraj sir has brought out all rural elements, speaks about his craft. Since he is also from that background, he was good in showing all these elements on screen well. He is a very skilled director, knows exactly what he wants. The whole credit of making such a good film goes to him totally.

Junga was out last week. Can you talk about the film and also Vijay Sethupathi?

All my portions in Junga were shot abroad. We had lot of outdoor involved with my part. We went to very very beautiful places. Gokul is the backbone of the film and Junga would not have happened without him. And also DoP Dudley sir! They worked extremely hard and I made good friends with both of them.

I don't have to tell you about Vijay Sethupathi's talent. He is very spontaneous and his spontaneity is something that I picked up. It's not that he always uses the dialogue sheets to follow. There are many things he comes up on his own on the sets which are very nice.

How much of Tamil have you picked up now?

I understand Tamil completely now and I am much better than what I started with. I am still learning. It has been a year since Vanamagan and I am sure, in my next interview with you, I would speak much better Tamil. Once you are familiar with the language, dialogues become easier to speak. I have finished shooting for four Tamil films. I have become way more comfortable with the language than what I used to be. I am pretty okay now.

Coming to this week's release Ghajinikanth, can you tell us about it and your role?

Ghajinikanth is a fun film and it is a family entertainer. It is a good package with great romance. Basically there is a love story and what happens around this story forms the crux of the film. The film has all the elements that will make it entertaining for the audience. The role that I have in the film is also very lovable. It is very endearing, soft and feminine, something that every girl will relate to. Santhosh has presented me very well.

Your co-star Arya

Arya is such a wonderful co-star. Not only is he experienced but he is also a very warm hearted person. He makes you feel extremely comfortable. In all, it was a great team.

Director Santhosh Jayakumar

I think, Santhosh, despite being very young, is sure about what he is making. He is one of the most organized directors I have worked with. He had finished shooting for Ghajinikanth in just 38 days including songs, which is very quick. There was never any confusion on the sets. He had dialogue sheets in his hand and everything was so well-planned. I think that is his USP.

Santhosh has given two adult comedies. When he came with a script to you, were there any apprehensions from your side on accepting the project?

Ghajinikanth is the remake of Telugu film Bhale Bhale Magadivoy and I have seen it in the past. I knew it was a clean film and also its storyline. Even with Santhosh, it has not been his conscious decision to make adult comedies. He had also mentioned that he wants to ty all genres. I honestly did not think on this line.

You are very popular in Tamil now and what kind of roles you are looking out for?

It has been my conscious decision to do different kind of films. Whether it is Kadaikutty Singam or Vanamagan, my roles have been different. The more I try to do diverse roles, the more I will appear fresh and new for the audience. It is also a great learning experience when you do different kinds of characters. Besides that, I want to work with good directors as they are the ones who present a person on the screen. When you work with good directors and scripts, that helps you go places in your career.

What is your wish list of directors?

I like all of them! I would like to work with Shankar sir, Mani Ratnam sir, Gautham Menon sir. There are so many skilled directors in Tamil that I would like to work with.

You are known as a very good dancer and your dance clips are widely appreciated. Have you been learning any special dance form?

I have been learning dance since the age of 9. I love dancing and am so passionate about it. Perhaps that shows on screen. I have been learning various dance forms.

What about a film focusing on dance?

That would be amazing. It could be really fun for me. Most of the times, we don't get the opportunity to dance much in films because the story might not need it. But to me, if I get a film out and out on dance, it would be a blessing. I would get the chance to showcase various dance forms I have learnt. I hope someone makes such a film and casts me in it!

Can you share us some updates on your film with KV Anand and Suriya?

We just started shooting for it and have completed a ten day schedule in London. We are pretty young into the film and have a lot more to go. It is a very good script. Being a multistarrer with an ensemble cast of Suriya sir, Mohanlal sir, Boman Irani sir and Arya, I am sure, there is so much to learn from each one of them. K V Anand sir is one of the best directors we have. We all know that he is also a cinematographer. He makes sure everything is going right.

Tell us something about Suriya

Yes, I shot with him for the film. He is extremely humble. He is such a big star but has no starry air whatsoever. He is lovely to work with. He is so experienced and a pro on the sets. I see what he is doing and I am sure he will guide me through.

Your debut film was Shivay in Hindi. Are you looking to work there?

At the moment, I am concentrating on Tamil cinema only. There are a lot of offers coming in from Hindi too. I honestly feel the best directors I want to work with are in Tamil. I feel, if I make a good base for myself in Tamil first, later I can diversify into other languages. But right now, it's only Tamil films for me because I get the best work here. I am really not worried about other industries now. Also the Tamil fans have given me so much of love and affection. I don't want to go anywhere.

What next?

At the moment, Suriya sir's film is taking a lot of my time because it started recently and I will have to complete it by this year. There is another script I heard and we are working out the dates. Production team will announce it. So, this year my projects are Suriya sir's film and one more.

All the best Sayyeshaa!

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