Director Ram says Taramani is unlike Kattradhu Tamizh and Thankameenkal

National award winning director Ram who is a few days away from his upcoming release Taramani opens a bit about his working style with in a quick converstaion with Movie Crow :

Your projects have long gaps between one another..

My films are not regular mainstream movies. Besides they mostly have new comers in the lead. So finding a producer and a buyer takes time. Otherwise shooting and completing a project has never been delayed.

Your films have strong characters. Do they inspire your story or is it the other way around?

I generally have a philosophy with which I form a thesis. I then improvise on this thesis and my story and characters are sketched out around it.

Anjali Ameer has become India's first transgender heroine with your film Peranbu. Does a National award gives you leverage to take such decisions?

Not at all. I would have done it at any given point of time. Infact Peranbu was my first script even before Kattradhu Tamizh and Thankameenkal. But since I wanted to cast Mammootty, it took time and I am glad it did.

Your casting be it Jiiva, Anjali (actress) or the newcomers, have the feel of an ordinary person to them..

I treat every character of mine as a protagonist. Be it the lead like Jiiva, Mammooty, Andreah or the other characters I introduce, I work on their whole history and atleast in my mind I know the story of each and every one of them from birth till death. The outcome is, on screen they are seen as actors rather than stars.

You've mentioned earlier that Taramani is a role of a life-time for Andreah..

Yes. It is the best character she has played till now. The role gave her a lot of scope to showcase her acting skills and the film is all about Andreah's character.

What can the audience expect from Taramani?

Taramani is unlike my other two films. Kattradhu Tamizh was dark, Thanga Meenkal had a social message, Taramani is sarcastic, light and to-the-point.

Any future projects? If any, what would be the genre?

Currently, I am waiting for the release of Taramani. I cannot be deciding on my future projects when I still have two films in the market. The genre of my future film will depend on how well Taramani and Peranbu do in terms of business.

Starring new face Vasanth and Andreah Jeremiah, Taramani is presented by JSK Film Corporation and is hitting theatre screens on August 11, 2017. The film has Yuvan Shankar Raja for the music.