Interview With

Director Gokul

Director Gokul's 'Junga' releases today and here's a candid interview where he talks about his film and Vijay Sethupathi.

Why the name 'Junga'?

Firstly I named it as 'Kanjanjunga' as it is about a stingy Don, but I felt people may relate it to a place. So I removed the 'Kanjan' word from it and made it 'Junga'. But I have explained another hilarious story for the name; you will get to know it while watching the film.

Vijay Sethupathi has always been you're lucky charm.

We both understand each other very well. He replicates exactly what I want the scene to be. There is no struggle when there is an understanding. So we are very comfortable working with each other.

What was Vijay Sethupathi's reaction while hearing the script?

He doesn't know the entire script. I just spoke about this idea when we had a conversation and he liked it. Later someday he called me up and asked me to start with this film. So that's how we started. And only during the dubbing he knew about the entire story.

Vijay Sethupathi as a producer.

I don't see a big difference. Everybody knows how he is as a person, so it was very easy for me. And he never comes into my zone and gives me all the liberty. Arun Pandian is another producer, his understanding towards us made us more comfortable. He was very interested and without him this film wouldn't have happened. Arun Pandian is the biggest backbone of the film. He had a lot of trust over us; he was a constant energy booster.

Working with Vijay Sethupathi

He is a director's artist. He trusts the director entirely and that's why many feel comfortable with him.

Your sense of humour is very different, how do you work on that?

What I do comes naturally to me. But I do extra work on each characterisation and the story that surrounds the character.

You have a great rapo with Siddharth Vipin.

He is my darling music director and I can get whatever I want from him. All songs have become a hit and apart from this his background score for the film is top notch.

The RR for the car chase scene would take the film to the next level. And this team is the most comfortable and the strongest team I have ever worked with.

I always admire Vijay Sethupathi for the person he is, what do you admire from him?

I don't have anything in particular; I am more than a fan that's how I can explain. He is such a service minded person. I like him a lot and I admire him for what he has been doing now.

What's so special about Junga?

You will feel special when you come out of the theatre. This film is a mass entertainer, everyone will love this film and they would easily get connected towards it. We would have a feel if we can have a don like him at our home. He is very stingy that he may help us run a family well. The don does everything in a serious way but we would laugh seeing him. And this film is Vijay Sethupathi's best ever because he has a lot of variation.

Future Projects

If I plan something, it doesn't happen. So this time I have not planned anything, let it happen when it has to. I feel relaxed without any planning, so let it happen automatically.

All the best sir!