Interview With

Vijay Sethupathi

I have always been unlucky in getting an opportunity to meet or talk to this person due to various reasons. After many years of unconditional admiration for his work, I finally get to talk to him for Junga! Here's Vijay Sethupathi's interview with Tamil Dharani, read on!

I see you as a person with a lot of clarity and confidence.

I search for the mistakes within me and I don't have the habit of blaming another person for my mistakes.

We all have an approach towards our lives. We calculate and do something where we may get a failure at the end, but at that point of time I recheck my calculation and my thought process to understand where I went wrong.

And I have a major responsibility to be like this. Many ask me questions for the position I have reached and many think I have been lucky, but this is all because of the understanding and clarity.

I don't think anybody sees you as a competition, instead they see you as an inspiration.

Even I don't see anybody as a competition. What you give is what you get. I live for the cinema, it takes care of me and I don't believe in competing anybody. And I don't want anybody to see a failure because everybody puts in effort to make a successful film.

I feel your eyes always show love and happiness all the time. Is this because your heart is always ready to show love that reflects in your eyes?

Actually, I don't really know but I admire people from a distance. Even if I see a person who is not in good terms with me, I just go and talk to them.

We are all trapped in this human race and we all run for our living without even realising what real happiness is, we need to stop somewhere and just have a look at it, we will then realise what we have been doing.

Hard work or Smart work - which do you believe in?

I don't believe in hard work, I believe in smart work. Smart work is not about impressing, that will definitely fool you. I sense the scene; I work on it and react to it.

I admire you for the clarity and understanding you have towards your life, Do you admire somebody in the same way?

Every human being has both positive and negative shades. If I see a person who is not in good terms with me, I consider them cute and admire them.

Recently a person was troubling me, I called up and said, " Sema cute sir ninga, I love you so much sir"(his trademark laugh follows).

Being too good is too risky!

How do you believe in your scripts?

I don't analyse if the script would work or not. I just see if the script has the soul in it, otherwise I ignore it. Whatever the genre maybe, every script is real; if it has the soul in it I go ahead. And I will never compare one script with another.

How do you work on a scene given to you?

If you see the 96 teaser, there must be 2 scenes with tears in my eyes which I didn't like but people celebrate it now, these reactions happened automatically at that moment. So I don't work on the scene, it just happens at that moment.

If my director wants an extra emotion, I will never watch the monitor for reference because I can't reproduce the same thing again. If only I have to reproduce it after watching the monitor then the scene loses its soul. I never interfere with my director's responsibility but I ask him not to work on my eyes, hands and legs, instead only on my emotions for the scene.

You don't let fame go to your head, it's very difficult in the current scenario, and how do you work on it?

When you own something, it gets into your mind and you rule over it. A simple example would be, I have my rights for my child but I am not the owner.

When it comes to cinema, I react to what my director says and that energy comes out as the scene, so I can?t own it. So nothing is yours until you made it through your hard work.

Chekka Chivantha Vaanam

This movie and this opportunity from Mani sir is something I will cherish forever. You asked me how I don't let fame go to my head but you need to ask Mani sir this question, he is the apt person to answer this.

(His way of expressing his love for a person comes out continuously; he keeps on repeating his love for Mani sir where I keep on laughing)

Few words about Madonna & Sayyeshaa

Sayyesha dances really well and Madonna is a fantastic actress. I am a big fan of Madonna, She is super intelligent. She will not just react to each scene; she asks for the back story, understands it and then works on the scene. It took years for me to understand this; she has a brilliant clarity over whatever she does.

Director Gokul

Gokul has a great timing sense and I have never seen such timing sense in anybody. He has the capability of making any serious scene on a lighter note. Summar Moonji Kumaar has been my teacher for my career.

I can keep asking him questions but I had to restrict the list for him. Keep inspiring us and thank you for your end note Vijay Sethupathi, I would cherish that forever!