Interview With

C S Amudhan

The much expected and talked about film, Tamizh Padam 2 is releasing today and it has been receiving great reviews all over. Here's a candid interview with CS Amudhan about his films.

Did you expect this kind of response while releasing the Tamizh Padam 2 first look poster?

We expected the film to be well received because there is a lot of goodwill for the prequel.But the numbers we are getting from the time of release, we definitely didn't expect this.

Do you think people have started taking everything light?

There are two things to it, people have started understanding the fact that it is basically the genre they have done and the other thing is we are not just featuring one person and the people understand that it doesn't have any motivation; people have reached that level of maturity.

There must be a huge ideation process for the film.

I think that's how every film has to be made. There is so much money involved and we dedicated nearly a year of our lives to the film, so obviously we need to pay attention to all these details.

How hard or easy it is to write a spoof script?

It is very easy for me, I know I sound arrogant. The one is that you must have a story of your own; otherwise it just becomes a meme. So you must have a story and you must move the story forward through other people's theme. If the story comes naturally to you it's easy but I also understand that it might be difficult on how to move the story forward with things from other movies.

Few words about Producer Shashikanth.

We are primarily friends. Shashi and I were friends before all these Producer - Director Combo happened. So there is no generation gap and we are always on the same page that makes things easy. I didn't have to fight for anything. If I ask for something, he gets it done immediately.


With Shiva, my writing and his way of delivering it complement each other; even though they are completely different, it gives a good contrast for the audience.

Is your next film also a spoof?

Definitely I am not doing a spoof movie, but may be in the future. I have not thought about that.

Have your team got any warning for all these trolling?

Ha Ha, nothing as of now, please don't start from your side (Laughs).

Do you feel after both the Tamizh Padam people wouldn't take any of your movies seriously?

Yes, I do feel the same. But I can't think about it now, just focusing on what I am doing right now. But when the time comes, it is definitely going to be a challenge and hard but I need to cross the bridge.

All the best Sir!