Interview With

Dhananjayan G

Writer, Producer, Distributor, Film-maker & Founder of BOFTA Film Institute, Dhananjayan talks about his latest flick Mr. Chandramouli and many more.

How confident are you about Mr. Chandramouli?

Normally in cinema you need the Navarasa. Mr. Chandramouli is a good example of Navarasa as it has comedy, romance, action, revenge and much more. Balu Mahendra sir always says this - If everything is put together there is a possibility of the film appealing to the audience. While watching the movie, you will go through different emotions. We are 100% confident about the film.

Few words about the director Thiru?

Normally most of the directors have their own boundary, they never allow the producer into their domain. Thiru doesn't show any ego, he always welcomes my suggestions and listens to it. And then he would take a call if it would work or not. A good director is the one who listens to your point of view, it doesn't mean that he has to accept it. I love to work with people who atleast have their ear to my voice.

Few words about actor Karthik?

Karthik is the USP of the film. If karthik sir wasn't there, I wouldn't have made this film. Every film should have something appealing to the people, so this film is only because of karthik sir and he is the backbone of the film.

Which is important - Story or Screenplay?

95% of the films fail because of the poor screenplay. If you are not going to be perfect with the art of writing screenplay, all your effort for directing is a waste. 70% of the film is Story, Screenplay and Dialogues. If this 70% is going to be wrong, everything is going to be wrong.

Writer, Producer, Distributor, Film maker & Founder-Dean of BOFTA Film Institute - How is it possible?

I do a lot of planning, each sector is a compartment to me and each and everything gets their own time. I don't complicate anything and my mind is very clear about each task. I don't forget anything. I have a notebook with me, I write each and every small work everyday. So I find it easy.

A few words about Kaatrin Mozhi..

Right from the day one Kaatrin Mozhi is going really well. I am really excited and the shoot is going non-stop. Radha Mohan, Jyothika and all the cast and crew are working day and night and nothing is getting delayed. Jo mam has just gone into the character and she walks and talks the same way.

You tweet a lot about Bigg boss, Are you a follower of it? How do you see it - entertainment or any learning?

Only when Kamal sir walks in, I watch it. The words he uses is very smart and he doesn't criticize anybody. I learn a lot from him on putting the words properly. I used to be very blunt in conveying something, so I learn a lot from him on how to speak and love the way he hosts it.

What can people expect from Mr Chandramouli?

Expect a good family entertainer, you will definitely be satisfied. I can't praise my film, I want the people to comment on it.

All the best Sir!