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Mr.Chandramouli is an iconic name that brings in a smile to many of the 80s kids. The name immortalized by Navarasa Nayagan Karthik in Mani Ratnam's Mouna Ragam is the title of director Thiru's fourth film that hits the screens this week. Here, in a conversation with Jyothsna Bhavanishankar for MovieCrow, Thiru talks about his film, his star cast and other related matter.

Your last directorial was Naan Sigappu Manithan (NSM) in 2014 and there is almost a 4 year gap. Any reason?

Yes, there is a four year gap after Naan Sigappu Manithan. But it was not intentional. I was supposed to do a film with Jai and another one, Garuda with Vikram. But due to unexpected reasons, these projects got pushed and that's the reason for the gap. But I believe Mr.Chandramouli will fill in that gap.

All your three films have been with Vishal. How was it to direct a film without him?

You are right. My first three films were with Vishal. It just happened. It does not mean that I will not do films with others.

Samar and NSM had an unusual plot which was new to Tamil cinema. Will Mr.Chandramouli also have something like that?

Yes. Like in Samar and NSM, there is a new concept in Mr.Chandramouli too which I have not revealed in teaser and trailer. I have tried something new in this film and you will get to know that when you see the film.

What made you bring veteran Karthik onto Mr.Chandramouli?

There is a strong dad character in the story. It had come out very beautifully. Producer sir and I discussed that it would be good if Karthik sir does this character. Once I narrated the story to Gautham and he liked it, I met his dad through him. After he heard the story, he liked it and agreed to come on board. Karthik sir, in this film, is the biggest plus. We have recreated the body language of vintage Karthik in this film. I am sure this will be a good experience for the audiences also.

Was the title decided after Karthik came on board?

Yes. After Karthik sir got on board, we felt that if we title the film as Mr.Chandramouli, it would create a good buzz. I got good appreciation from the industry after this. I believe that the title value has got a good reach now.

Gautham Karthik

It was comfortable working with Gautham Karthik. He is a professional artist and I liked his punctuality and timing.

Tell us about Karthik and Gautham Karthik roles. How was it directing the dad-son duo? Any interesting incident while shooting?

Yes, it was a good experience to have directed the dad-son duo. There were many emotional moments during shoot. Karthik sir was missing his dad very badly. Gautham had never been with his dad so close while he was acting. Even if Karthik sir completed his shoot for the day, he would wait and observe his son performing. Beyond a scene or a shot, Gautham had felt very heavy during some emotional scenes. The dad-son combo has given added value to the story. Even while I was shooting, my eyes used to go moist in few instances. I am sure even the audience can relate to the father-son moments.

You had three experienced technicians on board in the form of your father-in-law Agathiyan, director Mahendran and Karthik. Tell us how it was to work with three veterans.

Mahendran sir plays the antagonist. He is such a renowned director but he used to behave as though he was a newcomer and did not know anything. He always ensured I was comfortable directing him. His role has come out very well and is powerful.

Agathiyan sir plays Karthik sir's friend in the film. If we had cast someone in the film, it might have appeared cinematic. It was very fresh to see Agathiyan sir in the film. There were many combination scenes of him and Karthik sir in the film. They had already worked in Gokulathil Seethai before. They used to talk about that film. Both of them have huge respect for each other.

About Regina Cassandra

Regina is such a professional artist. I can find no words to describe her sincerity. We had decided on her looks and style as a girl-next-door. She has donned on the role of an entrepreneur who develops apps. The second half of the film has a heavy emotional drama. We felt that someone who can perform well only can pull off this role. That's why we cast Regina. For the song, she went on a diet and completed it. The visuals in the song don't look vulgar or obscene, thanks to Regina. She has carried the role so beautifully. It was a memorable working experience with Regina.

What about Varalaxmi?

Varalaxmi plays an important character in the film. It is not a cameo as reported by certain sections. I would say her role is a pivotal one and would be a take away of the film.

Sam C S's music

I am a big fan of Sam's background music and I loved his work in Vikram Vedha. That's why I wanted him in this film. The second half of the film had many emotional moments as I had told earlier and fewer dialogues. Therefore we felt that music should speak in those places. I am sure about Sam's music playing in your mind even after you finish watching the film. I would say Yedhedho song has created a huge buzz. Sam is a greatest advantage to the film.

About producer Dhananjayan

Dhananjayan sir is so meticulous and well planned. He is well aware of the business and theatre market. He has done a great work with promotions. He continues to give me confidence. Even when he was talking to me yesterday, he assured that the film is going to be a great hit. A confident producer such as Dhananjayan sir is a greatest source of strength.

What next?

I am yet to firm up on my next. Talks are on. Right now, Mr.Chandramouli is only on my mind.

All the best Thiru!