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In the recently released Rajinikanth starrer Kaala, Dileepan played one of Kaala's sons and his performance has been lauded by one and all. In an exclusive conversation with Jyothsna Bhavanishankar for MovieCrow, Dileepan shares his thoughts on the movie and of course the one and only Rajinikanth.

Congratulations for Kaala! Tell us how you got on board Kaala

When I was committed for the film, I did not know about my role. I just knew that I have a part. That's all! When I went to Ranjith seeking an opportunity to work in his film, he told me that he cannot assure anything but all the same asked me to build up my body as when I had gone to meet him, I was lean. I was happy just hearing these positive words and after one and a half months and increasing my bulk, I met him again. He wanted me to beef up some more and expected that I should be intimidating in looks.

There was an audition too and I was asked to speak powerful dialogues. I was nervous and sensing this, Ranjith came and eased me out. This was new to me that a director himself comes forward to make the situation easy for the artist. For all this, I do not know Ranjith earlier. I really felt nice and wanted.

After audition, I was asked to attend the workshop and that's when I was told about my character and story. I was so happy that I would be playing Rajini sir's son.

I just asked for an opportunity but it was Ranjith sir who Okayed me and made me do this role. I am indebted to Ranjith sir.

How was it at the sets?

I myself could not believe my luck. There are so many who are struggling to get into the film industry and it is a dream to be in a Rajini sir film. But there I was playing Rajini's son in this important film, so early in my career. For a still shoot involving Kaala's family, Rajini sir received me with a smile. I felt so happy. At the shooting spot, he used to talk to us, relax and ease us before the camera goes into action mode.

The workshop before the shoot was very helpful to me as it helped us all get to know each other which paved way for a good rapport at the shooting spot. This kind of boosted my confidence. If I do well, Rajini sir would immediately call and appreciate. These things helped us all gain confidence and do well.

There is so much of appreciation coming your way now. How do you feel about it?

I should completely thank Ranjith sir for all this. It is also demonstrative of Rajini sir's magnanimity and graciousness. I have no words to express my feelings.

Did anyone from the industry appreciate you?

I am in talks with my co-stars. Venkat Prabhu sir appreciated in Twitter and I heard Suseenthiran anna also had good words to say. I tried calling Rajini sir but he was not reachable as he has begun work for Karthik Subbaraj film.

There is a general feel that your screen time was less although your role is well written. What is your take on this?

I am just glad to be a part of this film. I consider that as a blessing. I should thank Ranjith sir for this. We can get noticed even in a small portion in a Rajini film. I have no grouse at all. I am very happy that I got noticed.

Any interesting incident at Kaala shooting spot?

More than anything interesting, I was in awe of Rajini sir most of the time. His dedication to work and sincerity are astounding. He has reached unimaginable heights and can take things lightly but he never did that. He respects everybody's work. If he desires, he can change the shooting spot to his comfort but he changed himself according to the comfort of the shooting spot. If there is a book on how to be successful in this field, Rajini sir is that book! Not just in cinema but any field, one should learn how to love your work and give it all that you have, from Rajini sir only.

Rajini sir is the most grounded and humble person. This is a unanimous opinion on people who have interacted with him. Do you also subscribe to this?

Yes, absolutely! At his level, he can come to the sets, perform his role and get into the caravan. But it is refreshing to see a top star like him moving with everyone in an ordinary manner. I realized this on Day 1 itself. He will receive us pleasantly and enquire about us and our family. If we do anything good, he would be the first one to appreciate.


To Ranjith, all men are equal and there is no disparity between them. One should respect all. He is very clear that one should not oppress the next person for his selfish needs. I learnt all this from Ranjith.

What next?

I have completed a film called Kuthoosi which is about natural farming. It is a commercial film. The audio was out yesterday (11th June) and the film will release next week. It is directed by Sivasakthi, associate of Seenu Ramasamy. Kannan of Thamizhpadam is the music director.

Wishing you the best of luck Dileepan!