Interview With

Easwari Rao

Kaala, the much anticipated Rajinikanth starrer is hitting the screens all over the world tomorrow the 7th of June. Jyothsna Bhavanishankar catches up with Easwari Rao who is returning to the big screen after a while. The talented actress plays Rajinikanth's wife in the film.

This project is one of the prestigious ones in the industry right now. What were your feelings when you got this film?

I have no words to express my feelings on this. It was such a pleasant surprise.

How did Kaala happen?

It was an accident. I myself had not expected. I was not even sure that I would act in films. Offers were coming in but I was not very keen and did not take any efforts too. People used to come and narrate stories on and off but I never liked any of them. Ranjith had called one day for Kaala. It was a surprise.

Were you aware of your role in the film? Did Ranjith talk about it?

No. Ranjith had a cast list and all I knew was I was one in it. I got to know about the role only a month before the shoot began.

When you came to know that you will be paired with Rajinikanth, how did you feel?

After a long gap, when someone gets such an opportunity, wouldn't it be a shock? I also was shocked. Even now, I feel it is something big that I got such a break after 12-13 years.

How was it working with the Superstar?

None of us at the Kaala set felt that he was a superstar. He is a very down-to-earth person. It was very comfortable to work with him. I have never felt nervous with him or rather he never made anyone feel nervous in his presence. He used to move with us normally. He is a very good human being.

Were there any challenging scene?

I will answer this after the film is released because if I discuss about this now, it will be like revealing.

How was Ranjith to work with?

He is also a nice person and very humble. There was no tension at the sets. He would tell what he expects from the artist and knows to extract that from them. I never felt I was acting, in Kaala set. We all were like a family working together.

Any interesting anecdote?

To shoot at Dharavi live location and later at the sets, was highly interesting in itself. The Dharavi location was brought alive by the set designer which was so realistic. We don't even remember how many days we shot there. Thousands of artists were at the sets daily. One cannot imagine the life of those people living in Dharavi. It is very pathetic.

What are your current projects?

I am working in Bala sir's Varma presently. I can't reveal about it now. I take up projects only if there is something exciting and Varma is one such film. That's the reason I took it up.

After Kaala, I am sure you are going to be flooded with offers. What would be your game plan now?

Industry knows that when Easwari Rao takes up a project, there has to be something. I want to stick to that mark or exceed that. There has to be something challenging for me to take up an offer. If I have that space, I am game for it. If there are 20 scenes in a film, I need to be spoken for my performance for at least 5 scenes.

Did you see Kaala?

No, I won't see it now. I will be seeing the film after the reviews come in. First, let the audience and press see and I will see afterwards. My family will see tomorrow and I plan to watch it on Friday.

Anything else?

I usually don't publicize myself. I will be away from media always. In this film only, the entire media spotlight appears to have fallen on me. There are so many people who want my interview. I did not want to repeat myself and asked them to come back to me after the release wherein I will have many things to talk about. At this juncture, I cannot discuss about the film at all.

Wishing you best of luck mam!