Manisha Yadav

Oru Kuppai Kadhai that hit the screens last week, has been getting good reviews and more so for heroine Manisha Yadav's performance. Her role of that of a wife, who had gone astray, would not have been much preferred by many heroines. In conversation with Jyothsna Bhavanishankar for MovieCrow, Manisha discusses in length about Oru Kuppai Kadhai.

Heroine in Oru Kuppai Kadhai is not a normal one. Did you have apprehensions accepting it?

Firstly, apprehensions were not there regarding the story because I felt it was a story that had to be told. This kind of a social problem between the couples, when reported in the media, we may not be able to understand what they go through. But in this story, how confusion leads to things, is clearly told. I think, more than other social issues, the one that is discussed in Kuppai Kadhai, will be relatable to many couples.

Did people warn you against taking this role?

People are free to say what they want. But, when you are convinced about your decisions, I don't think anybody can influence you. Although some did say about taking this film, since I had made up my mind, it did not trouble me much.

How did you bag this film?

Kaali Rangasamy sir had written the story six years ago. He and producer Aslam sir had discussed about the casting. There is so much weightage on my character to carry the film through. Aslam had apparently suggested that I would suit the role. I had earlier auditioned for village lady's roles but I had not got them. I was confident about the looks but Kannan sir was not. Once he saw me in the role, he was convinced and said that he could not have imagined anyone other than me in that role. Apparently he had offered the role to some heroines who had asked him many questions. He felt that if there is doubt regarding the role, one cannot perform confidently and felt happy that I understood it. That's how it all began.

How was it on the sets?

I can say, it was once in a life time experience working in Oru Kuppai Kadhai. Locations were the real garbage areas adjoining Coovam River. Especially Dinesh master who was doing the role of a conservancy staff, had to be in the garbage area only during shooting. He even took vaccinations. Sometimes I was also there. Physically it was taxing, as the locations were nothing close to a normal household. This was challenging. It was hard but I can proudly say that I have done this film.

Was there homework for the role or you just did whatever your director told you?

I don't believe too much in the home work concept. Thankfully, the director also did not believe in this because as an artist, if you want to perform, you should be like a plain board and your director will mould you as per the role he has written and envisaged. You can do homework for the language but not for the emotions.

Dinesh master is debuting in front of the camera. How was it working with him? Did you teach him?

Just for the records, he is a debutant. But he has choreographed dance in more than 500 films and has a vast experience in terms of cinema and locations. He perfectly understood his character which was evident by his ease before the camera. As a co-actor, he was a chilled out, supportive and down to earth. Both of us were into our respective characters and that's why it has worked out the way it has.

There is widespread appreciation for this film. Did you expect this?

I never expected even in my wildest dreams about this sort of adulation. I saw the film in film festival and also in edit room. I could not fathom much then. Now when I see the film after 2 years, I was taken aback. I felt good. I told the director that I have to thank him for giving me this film and not the other way round. My family members never cry watching a film. But they were moved and were in tears in Kuppai Kadhai. When you see the film, you will travel along with the characters throughout. It is tough to create such a feel in the cinema hall.

Are you doing any other film in Tamil?

I am moody artist. I don't accept all the films that come to me. I don't want to do too many films at the same time, having my feet in multiple industries. I also took a break. Now I will start listening to scripts. I am in talks with a few people. They will get firmed up soon.

Wishing you best of luck Manisha!