Producer C V Kumar talks about his venture into films, direction and more

Thirukumaran Entertainment is a recognizable brand in today's day and date and the man behind the brand is none other than producer CV Kumar. Catching up early in the day with us, CV Kumar opens up about his venture into industry, his new directorial avatar, his take on films and much more.

How is it that CV Kumar ventured into films?

As everyone knows, initially my interest was in animation. But then I decided to make movies but did not have any prior connection in the film industry. But with the help of genuine people like Nalan (director Nalan Kumaraswamy), Ranjith (director Pa.Ranjith), Karthik (director Karthik Subbaraj) I was able to step into movies.

Talking about these three directors, you produced consecutive successful films with each one of them, right at the beginning of your career. What would you attribute this success to?

I don't think there is anything to attribute to. Everything just fell in the right place at the right time.

You've turned director for the first time with Maayavan. Has this been the plan all along?

Its just evolution. I've been into production for long and know the trade to an extent. Direction wasn't my long-term goal or anything but just happened oragnically as I was ready for it.

Tell us about Maayavan..

Maayavan is a mystery thriller with murder as the ground-plot and unimaginable twists that lead up to it.

The choices of scripts by your banner have always been off-beat. Is that a conscious selection?

100 percent !

If given an option, would you do a commercial film? And if so with whom?

As a business entity, we would like to do mainstream commercial films as well. Actor Vishal would be our first option as we have discussed working with him earlier as well.

You are also producing 4G with GV Prakash..

Yes, 4G is a commercial fantasy movie. GV Prakash fit the role and i like how the movie has come out. People will enjoy it too.

Among the heroes you've worked with - Vijay Sethupathi, Vishnu Vishal, Ashok Selvan, Madhavan and Siddharth, whom would you invest on any given day?

Vijay Sethupathi without a doubt, and Madhavan.

Movie-buffs are eagerly waiting for Thegidi 2 to know who Vallabha is. Will it happen?

As far as sequels are concerened, we are very much into making them. We will be focussing more in it post the release of Maayavan.

In Tamil Cinema, there has always been confusion over release dates of films. As a producer, what is your take on this scenario?

Confusion over release dates is not only prevalent in Tamil industry, it is there everywhere. The release date clashes happen because of the flooding of movies. Everyone is independent to make their own film and everyone is of the opinion that their product would do better than the others. You can try and streamline the film releases but clashes and changes are always going to be there.

So Maayavan is hitting screens this Friday. Anything you'd like to tell your audience?

Maayavan is a huge multi-starrer with Sundeep Kishan, Jackie Shroff, Daniel Balaji, and Lavanya Tripathi. It has fresh music and every aspect of the film is ensured to keep the audience engaged. I hope people like it.

Directed and produced by CV Kumar, Maayvan hits theatre screens on September 1, 2017 and will be presented by Studio Green. The film has Ghibran for the music.