Reviews by Arun Sundar
  1. Meyaadha Maan
    Meyaadha Maan U/A


    Mersal U/A

    First half really good and engaging.. Kajal Ajarwal and Nithya Menon good acting...director Atlee did well to maintain suspense regarding Vijay and Sj Suryah characters. .second half touches of Murugadoss but screenplay was a drag. Overall the film  is a good watch for Diwali weekend but film solely rests on Vijay shoulders throughout. SATHYARAJ relegated to background as the film moved on. Slightly disappointed as not matchinG high expectations. BGM pakka songs somewhat ok level only.     

    Thupparivaalan U/A

    Good, decent film without any double meaning words or the mandatory item number. Based on Sherlock holmes character . First half could not understand or grasp many things.Second half was cool. Andrea dazzled in negative role. Anu Emmanuel decent acting. Overall the movie is watchable and one fight scene in a restaurant was really good. Bgm was really good matching each and every situation. Will be a major turning point in Vishal's career.     

    Kavan U

    Important film in Tamil cinema about the media and how people plant stories. Vijay Sethupathi andT. Rajender impressed.  K.V.Anand's usual style of filmmaking is missing but the film is worth your money. First half was really fast but second half dragged somewhat. Jagan and Pandirajan good in important sequences. Overall the film is really enjoyable . Heroine's character had very little scope in this film  compared to other KV Anand's films. But Madonna did fine.     

    Motta Siva Ketta Siva
    Motta Siva Ketta Siva U

    The film is average...difficult. Sathyaraj acting only good from start to end. Nikki Galrani not so good in acting skills. Film is remake of a Telugu film.     

    Commando 2
    Commando 2 U/A

    Good stunt sequences but screenplay is bad. Can be watched once for Vidyut Jamwal 's acting.     

    Rangoon U/A

    On the whole was good...emotional and touching. The film was based on events from Second World War. Shahid Kapoor acting was fantastic.  Many interesting thoughts conveyed regarding Britishers.  Kangana was delightful in an role tailor made for her. Vishal Bharadwaj directorial touches seen here and there.     

    Bairavaa U