Alex Pandian (U)
11/Jan/2013 Action, Comedy

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Alex Pandian


Alex is a small-time thief who gets a contract to kidnap the CM's daughter, Divya, for three days. But when Divya reveals to him the real reason for her kidnap, he decides to help her.

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Alex Pandian Review - First Day First Show


Alex Pandian Review - First Day First Show

Alex Pandian is an unapologetic masala mixture of mindless action, double-meaning comedy, titillating songs, superficial romance, shallow sentiments, cardboard villains and weak characterizations held together by tweet-size story. That pretty much summarizes Alex Pandian. 



Alex Pandian is about a convict who kidnaps the CM daughter for money, falls in love during the process, later changes his mind to save her from an army of enemies who have a sinister plan against the people of Tamil Nadu. Alex Pandian is directed by Suraaj who used the same formula as his previous movies such as 'Padikathavan', 'Maapillai', "Marudamalai", etc. Studio Green has produced this movie with the single objective of pushing Karthi to "Mass" hero status. Did they succeed?


Karthi's pursuit of 'Mass'dom

Karthi has literally got an on-your-face introduction scene aimed at pleasing the masses. The opening fight scenes are jaw-dropping and Karthi appears to have pulled off some difficult stunt sequences. Even though we don't understand the motive for the fight, the opening fight is picturized and choreographed well. Karthi's comedy timing with Santhanam is the highlight of the movie. Karthi continues to show notable improvement in his dance moves and also appears more confident in making animated expressions in songs. Karthi's dialogue modulation is good as always, despite showing some monotony.


Santhanam continues to maintain his unbeatable form

No doubt, first half is a complete laugh riot. Full credits to Santhanam and Karthi's unbeatable comedy timing. Santhanam continues to maintain his top form in this movie. The story in the first half single threads on Santhanam trying to protect his 3 flirtatious sisters from Karthi's antics. Karthi and Santhanam's one-liners give a thunderous start to the movie. Santhanam gets full marks and key reason for keeping us engaged during the first half. However, it is still a surprise how the censor gave a clean "U" certificate allowing double-entendres such as the lewd dialogues in the carrom board playing scenes with Santhanam's sisters.


Impact-less Cast of Characters

Anushka hardly appears during the first half. With hero's help, she escapes from the enemies in the opening fight sequence and once again during the interval fight sequence. She goes missing-in-action during rest of the first half. Anushka, who appears to be a bit bulky, doesn't have much to do other than being carried around by Karthi and for doing standard "DSP" dance-routines. Other than Anushka, there are 3 sisters of Santhanam repeatedly flirting with Karthi in song and comedy scenes throughout the first half.


Comedy department has done their job well. The movie has 3 comedians (Santhanam, Lollu-saba Manohar and Manobala). Karthi's comedy with Mano Bala in the second-half largely falls flat and is of poor humour. The stark contrasts between the first and second half comedy scenes clearly highlight the limitations of Karthi when performing without Santhanam.  


There are close to 8 full-time/part-time villains (Suman, Milind Soman, Prathap, Santhanabarathy, Saravanan, director Raj kapoor, familiar looking villain acting as Samiyar and a new-face villain acting as Saravanan's brother). None of them make any impact, whatsoever.


Music and Technical  Value

Music Director Devi Sri Prasad (DSP) continues to deliver kuthu numbers along the lines of "Singam" songs. DSP's BGM focuses more on knuckle-cracking sounds as Karthi fights the villains. Camera work by Saravanan during the first half and opening stunt sequence are fantastic. Stunt and dance choreographers have worked hard to portray Karthi as "mass" hero. 


Suraaj - Story, Screenplay and Direction

Director Suraaj repeats his action-comedy genre once again in Alex Pandian. The first half is entirely dominated by Karthi and Santhanam's comedy scenes, even though the scenes are totally unrelated to the story line. The villain blocks are abruptly forced in between the comedy sequence without any logic or coherence. Right when the director starts focusing on moving the story forward in the second-half, the movie starts faltering big time and slips to abysmal depth by the time the end credit (finally) rolls.  


Bottom-line and Verdict

Suraaj, Karthi and Studio Green have made this formula movie under-estimating the intelligence of Tamil audience. Karthi is keen on pursuing the path that our Tamil "mass" heroes have shunned of-late. Encouraged by the success of Siruthai, Karthi seems to be fully convinced that this is his path to massdom in Tamil and Telugu film industries. From business perspective, Studio Green may recover the money during the long Pongal weekend. But, the real question is whether such movies actually do any good for Karthi's career in the long run. People's verdict will validate whether Karthi is on the right track in his choice of movies.


FDFS Rating - 

An unapologetic masala film

Mindless action,double-meaning comedy, titillating songs,superficial romance,shallow sentiments,cardboard villains held together by tweet-size story

by - MovieCrow on 11/Jan/2013

Rating (1.5/5) Full Review


Test of patience

So Suraaj with his half baked script has packaged the film with a cliched hero introduction, crude comedy scenes, double entendre, corny dialogues, mass songs, caricature villains in black and white Sumos chasing the hero who takes them single-handedly and finally a contrived climax.

by - Sify.com

Rating (1/5)

For old formulaic mass masala fans.

Alex Pandian may work for people who patronize formulaic films with few songs, action sequences and the routine content. Alex Pandian does not offer much but for the action sequences which are plenty and are shot quite well.

by - Behindwoods.com

Rating (2/5)

Alex Pandian is a typical masala film, which would work better in the Telugu market than among Tamil film goers.

Karthi is once again energetic and has given his best. Santhanam is hilarious at parts and irritating at times due to some poorly written scenes.

by - One India

Rating (2.5/5)

This Tamil film is entertaining but offers nothing new.

Overall, the film appears to be a collection of chase and stunt sequences, which deliver one message - no one, can beat the hero. Santhanam, like in many other movies he is truly the savior of 'Alex Pandian'

by - IBN Live

Rating (2.5/5)

Clich�s of the commercial

AP�s screenplay plays truant � it is as though Suraaj wakes up suddenly to the fact that too much time has gone by without romantic song sequences and has inserted them in a hurry one after the other. The heroine trying to escape in a motorboat in vain, is much like the Satyaraj-Sivaji Ganesan interaction in Jallikkattu, and hence has no fizz.

by - The Hindu

Rating (1/5)

Alex Pandian Review

After the Chief Minister ( Visu) turns down their request to sanction the sale of banned medicines, Allwyn Martin (Milind) and GKM ( Suman) hire Alex Pandian ( Karthi), a small-time criminal to kidnap the CM's daughter (Anushka). Alex, who is only after money, succeeds in the task but when he comes ...

by - Times Of India

Rating (2.5/5)

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