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A looming gangster after witnessing a bone chilling event, stands up against his father's prejudice.

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Jilla Review - Vijay's District


Jilla Review - A District for Vijay fans

Bharath Vijayakumar

Vijay's recent selection of films have been refreshing for the general movie goer. Vijay fans too would be happy with this. But for the hardcore fans who thrive on the magic connect that they have with their idol, the chance to scream their throats out and to revel when their star walks in slomo to a catchy BGM - here is Jilla for you.


Jilla has got a decent one liner at it's core. Kudos to the team for keeping it under wraps until now. Mohanlal's character is the surprise package and this has been neatly concealed even in the trailers. Jilla relies on the relationship between it's two principal characters.



This is a typical Vijay film. You might not see anything particularly great in the performance of the lead star. But these sort of films are a package. You replace Vijay and the film would fall flat on it's face. This is Vijay's homeground and is a throwback to his pre-Kavalan days (the period which actually made him the darling of the masses but which started backfiring after it was overdone). The star has his fans on a rampage without doing much. He looks so young and is agile as ever. Comedy is certainly one of his forte and one hopes he does a full length comedy soon.


Mohanlal's role is a mixed bag. It might not do justice to the man's talent but it is the pivot around which the film revolves. An actor with a lesser image and Jilla would definitely not be what it is now. This casting coup is the major highlight of Jilla as the film is essentially about these two people.


Kajal has very little to do but is bubbly and likeable as ever. Soori's comedy punches click most of the time. The others have very little to do except Sampath towards the climax.


Music and Technical team:

Imman's success streak continues. Verasa Pogaiyile and Kandangi are the picks. The 'Jilla' theme track should be reverberating in the ears of Vijay fans. But this could have been used more judiciously in the film. Stunts are what you would expect from a mass entertainer but thankfully with less damage to your ear drums. The production values at a few places are however tacky.


Hits and Misses:

Hits - Naesan had both the enviable and difficult task of casting Vijay and Mohanlal together. He has done justice to certain extent. While the movie is an out and out Vijay flick, the presence of Mohanlal actually does a lot to the undercurrent tension in the film. The first hour pretty much sails through using comedy and the conflict is brought about at the right time before the interval. Naesan also has done well to keep the punch dialogues at bay. They are few and far in between. Despite being packed with cliches', Naesan moves things at a fair speed and you are never left to ponder much.


Misses - A couple of comedy scenes are a bit crude and bordering on obscene. The second half could have been crisper. Though not many scenes that will put you off it lacks the goosebump moments that you expect in a hero centric film. The lengthy duration of the film may affect it's chances of multiple viewing. The picturisation of Jingunamani number is such a sore. A foot tapping number is wasted on screen. A lot more could have been done in the second half to heighten the tension in the drama. But melodrama takes center stage though it is kept in check.



people who like realistic movies, please stay away - Jilla may not be for you. Jilla would not disappoint people who like to soak in unadulterated masala and for the others who would watch a masala entertainer as a guilty pleasure. 


Jilla - A District for Vijay fans to Rejoice

Naesan had both the enviable and unenviable task of casting Vijay and Mohanlal together. He has done justice in that part. While the movie is an out and out Vijay flick the presence of Mohanlal actually does a lot to the undercurrent tension in the film.

by - MovieCrow on 10/Jan/2014

Rating (3/5) Full Review


Mass Masala Entertainer

Tamil cinema audiences love mass hero films, which may not have logic or reason but just have the essential masala items. Vijay's Pongal release Jilla is a typical festival fiesta, a power packed, crackling thrill ride tailor-made for fans.

by - Sify.com

Rating (4/5)

A commercial potboiler for the festive season made alive by Vijay and Mohanlal

The charismatic screen presence of Vijay and Mohanlal, few enjoyable musical tracks and comedy scenes and power packed action sequences mark Neason's Jilla that travels on a standard template and satiates Vijay's fans.

by - Behindwoods.com

Rating (2.5/5)

Jilla - Justice delivered

omedy, action, sentiment, emotion... you name it, the story has it. 'Jilla' keeps you entertained all through its long run time. Given the duration of the movie, 'Jilla' is so racy and entertaining that three hours don't seem that long. The film is one of those rare masala movies that has a specific importance assigned to each of the scenes.

by - IndiaGlitz.com

Rating (3/5)

Jilla is definitely assured filmmaking.

Neason understands that the conflict between Sivan and Sakthi is what powers his film and sets up the initial clash between these two characters very well.

by - Times Of India

Rating (3.5/5)

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