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Endrendrum Punnagai A Pleasent Watch

Ahmed should be credited because EP is not only a love story. It has bromance that celebrates the buddy bonding of the three friends and also an emotional father-son angle. More often than not the attributes that one should avoid in life are not shown as being possessed by the leading man in mainstream cinema.

by - MovieCrow


Terrific cast sparkles in this Bromance + Rom-Com entertainer.

Director Ahmed is clear in his agenda to soak his characters, and his audience, in happiness and good times. The first half is filled with humorous boys-will-be-boys moments and the second half hosts an endearing romantic segment that takes flight in a �Before Sunrise� like montage.

by - Behindwoods.com


Endrendrum Punnagai - Unlocking smiles from sorrow

'Endrendrum Punnagai' is a comic entertainer in parts. But it is not just about happiness, it is also about a lot of underlying emotions that cage smiles inside the soul. With a story behind everyone in the background and a lot of fun uniting the jigsaw pieces in the foreground, covering up all the ...

by - IndiaGlitz.com


It's a feel good breezy entertainer and it's got its heart in the right place.

It's evident that the film's main motive is to give you a good time, but it's commendable that writer-director I Ahmed chose to weave a message into the story. Watch it because it's the season to be jolly, and good laughs are guaranteed.

by - Sify.com


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