Cia - Comrade In America (U)
05/May/2017 Thriller, Family 2hrs 15mins

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CIA - Comrade In America
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Synopsis: Comrade In America (abbreviated as CIA) is an upcoming 2017 Malayalam film directed by Amal Neerad, starring Dulquer Salmaan in the lead role.


Production Amal Neerad Anwar Rasheed
Music Director

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Comrade in America (CIA) Movie Review

The film is an entertaining affair, which has humour, drama, great visuals, a good soundtrack and most of all, a splendid performance by Dulquer.

by - Times Of India

Rating (3.5/5)

Dulquer Salmaan starrer is disappointing

Amal has taken an interesting subject but has failed to do justice to it. The director hovers around the generic stuff, making the film less appealing than it already is.

by - Indian Express

Rating (1.5/5)


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    Shuaib Ahamed

    Taking a subject like US-Mexican Border and the happenings over there is commendable. But that just doesn't make up a good film. 
    The whole plot, story and characters seems forced. Another wtf love story, less captivating narration, bad characterisations, good amount of cliches, mixing up communism for the sake of native connection, is pretty much the movie.
    Charismatic Dulquer, his fine performance along with good supporting cast, and light hearted comedy with an okayish technical team are the only savage.
    Not what you expect from an amazing filmmaker like Amal Neerad. #HighlyExpected #UnderwhelmingExperience.