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Synopsis: Greed for money is the log line of the story. Two lorry driver friends escapes to Chennai afraid of a loan shark and they try to earn quick money to settle the loan they borrowed. Quick money comes along with the trouble. How they handled that trouble? and how they settled the money? forms the main plot of this movie


Production Prabhu Salamon
Music Director

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Rubaai Movie Review

Rubaai has an interesting plot, with a few engaging scenes. But the interchanging romantic and thrilling scenes do not work always. Anbazhagan has managed to link elements like friendship, deceit, love and greediness and entertain to a good extent. Harish Uthaman as the cruel baddie and Chinni Jayan...

by - Times Of India

Rating (2.5/5)

Well intended but not without flaws

The film drives home a point that greed for money is the root cause of all evil. Anbazhagan's dialogues are good and he does not go overboard and is never preachy. The first half moves slowly. But, the tragic climax looks forced and is not creating the necessary impact.

by - Deccan Chronicle

Rating (2.5/5)


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