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Synopsis: Joker (2016) is a light hearted Indian Tamil language Social Satire film written and directed by Cuckoo fame Raju Murugan and produced by Dream Warrior Pictures.Joker (2016) movie features Guru Somasundaram as the protagonist, who is well known for his teacher role in Jigarthanda. Newcomers Ramya and Gayathri are doing as female leads. Well known writer Chelladurai, Ramasamy and Bala Murugan are doing supporting roles


Production S.R.Prakashbabu S.R.Prabhu
Music Director
Cinematographer Chezhiyan
Editor Shanmugam Velusamy
Writer Raju Murugan

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A Good Political Satire With A Dash Of Humour!

Dialogues penned by Raju Murugan are razor-sharp and makes you ponder over the system that we have set up for ourselves to live in.

by - One India

Rating (3.5/5)

A bold and hard hitting political satire that might not have compromised entertainment but stands high on cast, music and writing

Director Raju Murugan has a great vision and one has to appreciate him for coming up with such a film. The dialogues are also bold and straight-forward, which conveys the intended notions at the right proportion.

by - Behindwoods.com

Rating (3/5)


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    Manjunatheshwara KJ

    A man sitting in the row behind us with his family expressed a kind of discontent to his wife. He stated, "Are we supposed to watch a movie like this as a family?". He sounded more like embarrassed. Joker sheds light upon corruption with every individual in the country and helplessness of every citizen. The concept of the movie is comparable to public awareness videos, played along every movie screened in theaters. Actor Guru Somasundaram has performed like a seasoned actor. Reviewer Bosskey in his review rightly said that his performance deserves national award. 


    Rubhan Raina

    1.script of the story and strong and brilliant execution 
    credits goes to director raj murugan for this award winning movie 
    2. cinemotography
    3.natural and unexpected acting from the hero guru somusundaram 
    who has acted in movies like jigardhanda,aaranya gandam,thoongavanam which i couldnt recoganise 
    so thats shows his variation and skills in acting 
    4. no unwanted scenes they just showed us whats neccesary 
    5.cast selection with all new faces 
    1. it gives us a feel of dragging due to its class art during a few scenes 
    2. more guys from age 18-25 generally will say this mokkai as they dont understand and does not have much maturity to understand especially the political and society jokes part in 1st half
    1.i felt the songs didnt make more good .visuals were good the song jasmine and last song can be selected as 
    good ones but overal could have done better.
    1st HALF- not satisfied as same things like getting cought to police and the inerval card is like summa busssunu               mudichitanga.ennada da idhu avlodhana ipdi mokkaya poirumo irundhuchi .
                        best scene was the hero explain about society when sitting in abulance 
    2nd HALF- excellent hatts off .time poradhe theriyile it had the matter and just vanished the negatives in 1st half.
                         best scene is the  climax. that old man dialouge 
    cast replacement- well its not needed . but IMRAN khan from bollywood and nithin satya will also fit in roles of hero.
    so this is 1time must watch flim for all above the age 18.  
    rating- 85%