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Pure fun.

They say good packaging is half the work done. And this holds true for Arai En 305il Kadavul. For Kanja Karuppu and Santhanam, these roles are by far their meatiest. But the movie undoubtedly belongs to Prakashraj. Chimbhudevan, with his screenplay and script has done a mammoth job of narrating the ...

by - Rediff.com


Almighty, appealing & astounding.

Simbhudevan has managed to render a movie that is convincing and appealing. Santhanam and Ganja Karuppu, both manage to leave their screen presence well. Simbhudevan deserves pat for etching out their characters well. Prakash Raj is terrific. He is the scene stealer in the movie whose performance de...

by - IndiaGlitz.com


Get ready for some preaching!

Prakashraj's role does not emerge as meaty as it sounds and is anything but challenging for the actor. Santhanam deserves a special mention for largely underplaying his character. Kanja Karuppu isn't too bad either. Simbudevan seems to have begun making an attempt to classify the movie - either into...

by - Behindwoods.com


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