Suriya starrer S3 becomes Si3


Suriya starrer S3 becomes Si3

Suriya starrer S3 becomes Si3

While everyone is aware of the third edition of Singham series releasing on republic day (January 26, 2017), not many are aware of the new developments in its title. So far the movie was titled and publicized as S3 , with the S referring to Singham and the 3 indicating the 3rd edition. But of late, the makers of the movie have been using the first letter of the Tamil equivalent of the word 'Singham'. This makes its English translation as Si3 and the movie is getting publicized in all media platforms using this new title. This name change, we believe has been made keeping in mind the tax-exemptions a movie receives with a Tamil title. Earlier, there was a misconception that the title had been changed to C3, which was later clarified by the movie's publicist, aptly through his tweet.



Directed by HariSi3 starrs SuriyaShruthi Haasan and Anushka Shetty in the lead. The movie has been produced by KE Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green and will be released by Eros International.

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